Follow-up insurance of a breast surgery

Follow-up insurance – medassure

In the hands of the experienced specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, cosmetic surgeries are relatively low-risk interventions, but in spite of the greatest care, the possibility of a complication is in principle given in every surgical procedure. As a patient, you must carry the after-treatment costs of an operation carried out outside the performance catalog of the statutory health insurance funds as of 1 April 2007, as amended by the Health Rehabilitation Act.

Medassure follow-up insurance

With the medassure insurance protection, you can now secure this financial risk!

Medassure is a new insurance to protect against consequential costs which may arise due to complications after an aesthetic and / or plastic surgery not medically indicated.

Your advantages of the follow-up insurance of a breast surgery

  • Medassure closes the insurance gap created since 1 April 2007 (section 52 para. 2 SGB V Gesundheitsreformgesetz) for legally and partly also privately insured persons.
  • The costs-effective insurance premium (once from EUR 169, – depending on the intervention and the number of planned interventions) will ensure you a sufficient sum of EUR 250,000.- per insured operation and will thus give you any financial worries about possible economic consequences.
  • The insurance cover is very fast and easy to apply online at It is valid for 365 days after the operation and then expires automatically.
  • Medassure pays the reimbursement claims of the health insurance company for costs of an operation, examination and / or ambulatory treatment, which can arise due to a complication after an aesthetic and / or plastic surgery not medically indicated.
  • All participating specialists are members of recognized professional associations and medical associations. Through the cooperation with the medical associations the qualification of the surgeons is ensured and thus offers you additional security.
  • Even capsular contractures are included in the insurance policy 365 days after the day of surgery. With my one-time supplementary insurance, capsular contracture, you can now extend this insurance cover even by two years! As a result of the private accounting clause, the patient / physician will now be able to settle costs of treatment within the scope of a complication which go beyond the agreed treatment contract up to an amount of 10,000 EUR via medassure if the statutory health insurance provider refuses to accept the costs or as a doctor. In addition to this, insufficient insurances are associated with wound healing, secondary bleeding or fatty necrosis which are not remedied by the usual after-treatments.

The Conditions

Medassure follow-up insurance:

Term of insurance: 365 days from the day of surgery

Insurance premium: from 169, – EUR as a one-off insurance premium (depending on the type of operation and the number of operations on the day of surgery)

Insurance height: EUR 250,000 per insured operation

Medassure supplementary insurance Capsular contracture:

Term of insurance: 24 months from the 366 day after the operation

Insurance premium: EUR 249, – as a single contribution (the supplementary insurance can only be concluded in conjunction with a medassure follow-up insurance for implants!)

Insurance height: max. EUR 10,000 per insured operation

Multiple interventions per operation:

If you wish to carry out several operations during an operation, the following risk surcharges apply:

  • For 2 operations per operation: 25% surcharge *
  • For 3 operations per operation: 50% surcharge *
  • 4 or more operations per operation are not insurable

What does the insurance cover?

Medassure pays the reimbursement claims of the health insurance company for the costs of a medically necessary medical treatment, means surgery, examination and / or ambulatory treatment resulting from a complication after an aesthetic and / or plastic operation not medically indicated.

In the event of a claim, the insurer will reimburse you the reimbursement requirement of the health insurance fund up to 50% of the total costs, but a maximum of 250,000 EURO for all complications that are attributable to the insured procedure.

How do I conclude the insurance?

The insurance is easy and fast online at conclude-able. If you have any questions, please contact the Medassure service number on +49 (0) 221/390 99 55 50 by e-mail:

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