Capsular contracture munichAs a capsular contracture a capsule-like hardening of the scar around the implant is described which can also cause pain and reminds of fixed connective tissue.

It is caused by the fact that a covering of more or less firm scar tissue is produced around the inserted breast implant.

An inflammation can be responsible for a capsular contracture caused by bacteria on the implanted breast implant. In medicine also secondary bleeding, irradiation related to breast reconstruction and other triggers are also discussed. The exact cause is unexplained.

Should you or your family doctor notices such a change, you should contact me in my specialist physician’s office for aesthetic breast surgery in Munich. I am an expert and have experiences as a breast surgeon if you need to replace the existing breast implant for the removal of the capsular contracture from a new high-quality implant.

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You can insure yourself against capsular contracture

“Medassure follow-up insurance”

Medassure follow-up insuranceIn addition to the medical care I can also help you to insure yourself in the run-up against capsular contracture. There are special supplementary insurances in the area of aesthetic or cosmetic treatments, which can be used to cover possible after-treatment costs in the case of a capsular contracture.

Symptoms – How do you recognize a capsular contracture and what can you do?

There are different types of capsular contracture, some of which can also run without pain and, so to speak, unnoticed. The symptoms are assigned to four levels:

  • Phase 1: Light hardening of the breast, usually diagnosed only by ultrasound
  • Phase 2: Tense in the breast, accompanied by slight pain
  • Phase 3: Strong hardening, which is also visible from the outside
  • Phase 4: Deformation and complete hardening of the breast

In my consultation I will give you comprehensive information about everything.
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Capsular contracture pain – does one have severe pain in a capsular contracture?

Depending on the level severe pain may occur in a capsular contracture. In the fourth and final level of the disease it can be very painful because the entire breast is hardened. But even in earlier levels, light to moderate pain can occur, depending on the patient’s pain and symptoms.

How can you treat a capsular contracture?

The treatment is also dependent on the particular level. In the case of light capsular contracture light aerobics, massages or special medicines can provide a quick cure. On the other hand, the entire implant or both implants must be removed in the case of a severe capsular contracture.

Operate without a scalpel

Just like in breast enlargements, I do not perform breast liftings with the scalpel, but by using a high-frequency electrocoagulation device. This method, which is similar to a laser system, arrests the bleeding already during the cutting. Thus, the surgery damages the tissue as less as possible and you recover faster after the operation.

After the operation

Due to the careful surgical technique, no long recovery phases are necessary. After just 14 days you can easily exercise yourself again for example jogging loosely. You can strain yourself more after six weeks. During this time you will use special plasters which can be changed by yourself every two weeks. Then use a simple scars gel to maintain the scar. This ensures a beautiful, inconspicuous and problem-free scar.

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