Dr. med. Patrick Bauer – Specialist for breast augmentation in Munich

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How important is the surgeon’s specialization to you in your breast surgery?

The 3 most important things in my consulting

1. A strong mutual relationship of trust between doctor and patient – between me and you.

2. Breast surgery without a scalpel – thanks to
advanced, extremely body-friendly high-frequency electrocoagulation technology.

3. The exclusive use of premium implants for best results.


I have been fully committed to plastic and aesthetic breast surgery for over two decades. This includes, among others, the following service areas:

Breast augmentation
Brust strafing
Surgical correction of tubular or asymmetrical breasts
Treatment of capsular fibrosis
Breast reduction
Implant change

Crisalix 3D Simulation

See the possible result of breast surgery already during your personal and confidential consultation in my practice.

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Why you should choose a plastic and aesthetic surgeon by his specialization and not by his professional title?

A specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery is rarely a specialist in a very specific field

brustoperation im op saal

Plastic and aesthetic surgery is a broad field of cosmetic surgery. It includes various cosmetic surgeries, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, labia reduction, hair transplantation, eyelid lift and tummy tuck.

Most specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery (professional title) offer different types of surgery in their practices and are thus not specialized in a particular field.

The logical consequence of this is a lack of specialization in a particular field, such as breast surgery.

Fewer operations performed also mean less experience and a higher risk of possible complications.

The specialist in breast surgery“ with more than 7000 performed operations on the female breast.

Dr. med. Patrick Bauer Sprechstunde

Dr. med. Patrick Bauer: „As (to my knowledge) the only plastic surgeon in Germany, Austria and Switzerland who is exclusively dedicated to the female breast, I have now been dealing with this particularly sensitive area of the female body for more than 20 years.

Thus, I have made the fulfillment of your wish my medical mission in life – as a special challenge, but also a long-term responsibility.

Three things are at the top of the list for me:

  1. A strong mutual relationship of trust between doctor and patient – between me and you.
  2. Breast surgery entirely without a scalpel – thanks to advanced and body-friendly high-frequency electro-coagulation technology.
  3. The exclusive use of premium implants for best results.“

You can recognize a specialist in this field by the fact that only the specialty – in this case breast surgery – can be found on his website and nothing else!

Known from
Dr. med. Patrick Bauer in den Medien

You can recognize the specialist by the exclusivity of his evaluations in the field of breast surgery

Das sagt eine zufriedene Patientin über Dr. med. Patrick Bauer

„Dr. Patrick Bauer is a very nice, competent and excellent doctor. I was lucky enough to have him operate on me.

The result was as I had imagined: Natural and simply perfect! After the surgery I had neither pain nor bleeding. I could move my arms after 2-3 days and even shower again.

I am more than satisfied and can recommend Dr. Bauer to everyone!“

Shanila Ademi

Susanne Krebs

„Dr. Bauer is a miracle and a dream doctor!

After my botched breast surgery I am full of confidence in Dr. Bauer and I can only say that was the best decision.

Already during the consultation you can see that Dr. Bauer has so much knowledge of his field and because of that I got an appointment for surgery in no time.

It has been 9 days since my operation and the result is already sensational! There is no trace of my crooked and bulging scars anymore, and there is no sign of the uneven breasts.

Finally I feel I am in good hands and Dr. Bauer is very sympathetic and competent, which makes me feel even better!

Thank you for making me feel good again and a very nice result when I look in the mirror.“

Sandra Thiel

„For the second time, Dr. Bauer has successfully operated on me and made me overjoyed with the respective result.

He is simply a luminary in his field and you can tell.

You can simply trust him completely.
Dr. Bauer was also always available outside of office hours.

I can recommend Dr. Bauer with the best conscience.

Finally, I would also like to highlight the team, all charming ladies and gentlemen, I felt very comfortable.“

Sabine Wiedemann

„Thank you very much, Dr. Bauer!
I would like to thank you very much once again!

After a long search for the right surgeon, I landed on a recommendation with you. I felt directly in good hands and seriously, as well as honestly advised.

One never has the feeling with you that profit is in the foreground, but the well-being and wishes of the patient.
With your always kind and reassuring words you also took away the last nervousness on the day of my operation.

I would also like to thank you very much for this!

The result is better than I could have ever imagined! I would recommend you anytime!“

Your consultation with the specialist for breast surgery

You will receive individual and personal advice from Dr. Bauer and even take your result home with you

Dr. med. Patrick Bauer Beratungstermin. Dr und Patientin unterhalten sich ueber brustvergroesserung, dabei haelt sie ein Musterimplantat in den haenden
Arrange your PERSONALLY CONFIDENTIAL consultation appointment

1. Your confidential consultation

Together we will talk about your desired result, how we can achieve it, and of course address all your questions so that you get maximum certainty and clarity about whether and how breast surgery should proceed for you.

2. Your Crisalix 3D simulation

Together we will look at your desired result in a 3D simulation, so that you get a clear idea of the final result and can even discuss it again with familiar people (using access to the simulation software) at home.

3. Your sizer fitting

After the simulation, you will receive appropriate sizers with a trial bra so that you can see and feel your desired result on your own body in front of the mirror, giving you maximum confidence in the final result.

The next steps for your appointment with the specialist

Dr. Bauer’s consultation appointment is for women who want an experienced specialist

Schedule your individual consultation with Dr. Bauer in person now to find out if you are a candidate for breast surgery.

To do so, click on the button below, fill in a few questions about yourself and book your personal consultation in our calendar.

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After booking, you will receive all the important information about your appointment. Please show up at our practice on time, we will be happy to receive you.

Here, real patients of Dr. Bauer share their opinions. All information is based on authenticity and voluntariness.

I was welcomed by Dr. Bauer operates (breast augmentation with implants). A serious appearance on social media platforms and a very informative website prompted me to make an appointment for a consultation. Dr. Bauer is a very warm person who likes to answer the same question several times and takes the time that is needed. He listened to my ideas and motivations carefully and explained to me what is feasible in my personal case and also what is only possible to a limited extent. Overall, I felt very well enlightened. If you have any questions, he can be reached on WhatsApp at any time (even on Saturday evenings and on vacation, thanks again!) And answers quickly and precisely. The operation went smoothly. The clinic employees were super nice and open and looked after me very well. On the day of the operation I had no pain at all and the following days it was more my back (by sleeping on my back) that caused me problems than the cuts or my breasts themselves. Even in the time after the operation, Dr. Bauer can be reached quickly and at any time. After less than 2 weeks I was able to start exercising again (jogging and weight training in the lower body) and to be a waiter without any problems. Today it was four weeks ago and I am very satisfied. I already love the result and I am very happy to have taken this step. The result is very natural and there is no pain at all. The incision sites are already looking very good and I am sure that once they have completely healed, not much of them will be seen. Many thanks to Dr. Bauer and his team! A very clear recommendation!

Celine S

21. Dezember 2021

For a long time, I spent a lot of time deciding whether to consider a breast reduction or lift. I was looking for my personal specialist for a long time, whom I can trust completely so that I can go to the operating room calmly and calmly. At Dr. med. I knew Patrick Bauer from the first moment that I could expect the highest level of professionalism / expertise and quality here. My decision for Dr. med. Bauer has completely changed my life, I can go through life full of self-confidence, because after only 3 weeks the result is more than I would have ever expected. The result is phenomenal and I am very enthusiastic. I never would have thought that with a breast formation of 75 e on a good B / C cup (still in the healing process) I would get such a perfect result. I am particularly looking forward to a life without the previously annoying bra. From the first appointment to the follow-up appointments, I was informed, advised and treated professionally and sensitively at all times. The entire team was extremely competent and empathetic. Thank you Dr. med. Bauer, that you not only ensure great results, but rather that you give so many people a better quality of life. I can Dr. med. Highly recommend Bauer to anyone who has such a decision in mind in their life. I would like to thank everyone who looked after me so lovingly throughout the entire process and a special thank you to the empathic nurses. Thank you very much and good luck for the future.

Ouarda Bouy

3. August 2021

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I can only recommend every woman to contact Dr. To seek advice from the farmer. Even during the very detailed consultation, I felt very comfortable and in the best of hands. The operation on July 12th went well, I had surprisingly little pain and the nurses at the ward also took care of me. Dr. Bauer has an incredibly calm manner and you can tell the routine in the entire team. At no time did I have any concerns or fear. Even if the healing phase goes so smoothly, you can only use one word - PERFECT! Many thanks to Dr. Bauer and his great team.

Lisa Maria

17. Juli 2021

11 out of 10 points! I have searched extensively for a plastic surgeon for years and it was definitely worth the wait! That's why I was very happy to travel from Berlin to Munich. I checked with Dr. Let the farmer enlarge the breasts. If you want a natural and professional result and rely on quality, then Dr. Bauer just right. He specializes in the breast and is very experienced in his work. You feel very safe and in good hands. The entire team is incredibly nice and helpful. You can also tell that this is really about achieving the best possible result and not about profit. I really appreciate his honesty when it comes to the size of the implants. He uses the latest technology, the best implants and operates in a flawless clinic. This also has a positive effect on recovery. The best doctor in the field in my opinion. Thank you dr. Farmer!

Dilara Demirkan

26. Juni 2021

Very nice and competent doctor. Dr. Bauer took a lot of time to answer my questions from start to finish and I am really more than satisfied with the result.

Sanja Maier

10. Juni 2021

Dr Patrick Bauer performed a breast lift / reduction in my breast. Since I lost 65 kilos, this surgery was necessary. Dr. Bauer answered all of my questions and was available to me at any time. I was also very well prepared for the operation. The aftercare was just as good. I am very satisfied with the result of the operation. I can only recommend him.

Ramona Schmidt

19. Mai 2021

Best doctor, I can only recommend it, I am more than satisfied, thank you Doctor Bauer for putting a big smile on my face!

Aleyna Mtl

10. Mai 2021

For me it was the best decision to become a Dr. Farmer to go. Immediately sympathetic where one immediately takes away the nervousness. Op super went I felt in good hands🙂 I can only recommend him. I am very happy thanks to Dr. Farmer. 😊

Sandra Sedlak

28. April 2021

I had my breasts enlarged by Dr Bauer and I felt in good hands from the first second. Dr Bauer responded to my wishes, explained me in detail and took away all my concerns. The operation went great, had hardly any pain afterwards and the clinic staff were just as super nice. I am more than satisfied with the result, it is already perfect after a few weeks and I would recommend Dr Bauer to everyone.

Lara Knittel

8. April 2021

In 2016 I had a breast lift (without implants) and I am still very happy about it 5 years later. The result is very natural, with very little scarring! My gynecologist keeps saying that he has seldom seen breasts that are so well made. The advice and support was great! Dr. Bauer really took the time to give me and my husband comprehensive advice. He openly explained the advantages and disadvantages of using implants at the same time and did not press us to do anything. He also explained to us all the other options that you still have in the episode. We were also thoroughly informed about the costs, possible follow-up costs and risks. During my stay in the clinic, I always felt that I was in good hands and the operation went smoothly. What I found absolutely great is that you can contact Dr. Bauer could report if you had any questions and you could also send pictures of the places where something struck you as strange. He answered everything promptly. The follow-up appointments for suturing removal were short. 5 years after the operation I can report that the pleated skin folds have all smoothed out on their own, my breast hangs to a natural degree, both sides are very symmetrical (100% does not occur in nature) and only the sensation in the nipples has remained partly clouded. The only negative thing I can mention is that he didn't have his own breast lift information sheet. Since the majority of breast augmentations are involved, he only summarized the information for this in detail. There are a few differences and after I had my briefing a few months before the operation, I wasn't sure about all of this anymore.

Bernadette Abentung

5. März 2021

Dr. Bauer was always available on call and answered all of my questions quickly. I have always felt good and Dr Bauer has taken all my worries away. The 1 night in the hospital was very pleasant and everything went off very professionally. I am very satisfied with the result after just 1 month and am already looking forward to the end result in a few months. I will definitely recommend Dr Bauer to others!

Jennifer Dimmitt

3. März 2021

Very great advice. You feel that you are in very good hands and you are well looked after after an operation!

Yvonne Jentsch

19. Februar 2021

I had a breast augmentation about 2 weeks ago and am more than satisfied! Immediately after the first consultation, I was sure that I would have this procedure from Dr. Bauer will let carry out. I immediately felt at home and were in very good hands. I was also very satisfied with the advice. The operation went very well and in retrospect I had no problems such as inflammation etc. My biggest concern was the pain afterwards and I have to say I had little to almost no pain! You can also contact him at any time via WhatsApp if you have any questions or concerns. I already like the result very much and I would have it done again! The way from Switzerland to Munich was definitely worth it - can Dr. I really only recommend Bauer.

Ena Nasupovic

10. Februar 2021

Uniquely friendly, personable and highly professional doctor! It is now 5 weeks since my second breast operation with Dr. Farmer passed. At first I had little idea about the removal of the capsular contracture (Allergan implants), which unfortunately developed after 6 years, and my individual options for changing implants. Dr. With his friendly, calm and sympathetic open manner, Bauer informed me competently, extensively and comprehensively in the consultation. During the consultation, he gave me space for questions and time to think about it and gave me his recommendation, which I accepted with absolute confidence. The result is perfect and far exceeds my expectations! The clinic team took absolutely touching care of me from the very first second during my stay. Dr. Bauer is available at all times and looked after me both before and after the operation in a friendly, professional and uniquely helpful manner. Dr. Bauer is an absolute professional who I can immediately recommend to every woman who is planning a breast operation or needs or wants to carry out a correction. Dr. Bauer gave me a super beautiful, aesthetic breast again and I am infinitely grateful to him for that.

Alexandra B.

30. November 2020

Very satisfied all round! Dr. Bauer takes enough time for advice, questions, follow-up examinations and everything related - you can always get in touch with questions and you will get an answer very quickly. You feel very comfortable - you are definitely with Mr. Dr. Farmer in the right hands!

Sandra Huber

27. November 2020

After some online research and two different recommendations I booked a consultation with Dr Bauer for breast augmentation surgery. As this is an important choice, I wanted to make sure that I booked in with the best; even though this meant traveling from Switzerland where I am currently living. During my initial consultation Dr Bauer was honest, friendly and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I also found the 3D simulation extremely helpful and with the Doctor’s advice was easy for me to choose the desired size. The actual surgery went by without any problem. I am currently 1 week post operation and the recovery is going smoother than I expected. In my opinion Dr. Bauer is someone who truly cares about his patients and wants them to have the best results. I honestly couldn’t be happier with my experience so far.

Daliasny Gonzalez guzman

24. November 2020

Three weeks ago I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Farmer. I am absolutely happy and satisfied with the result that is visible so far! I can Dr. Heartily recommend Bauer, because I felt comfortable and well advised from the very first moment! Above all, his honest, open and empathetic manner convinced me! I have before Dr. Bauer visited another doctor for the first burst and was disappointed at how impersonally and quickly I was processed there. I was allowed to do the exact opposite with Dr. Experience farmer. He took a lot of time for the initial interview and patiently answered all of my questions. The 3D simulation that you then receive from him was a great help and made the decision regarding the implant size much easier. The surgery itself and the healing process so far went smoothly and I am absolutely thrilled how quickly the pain has passed and I was fully suitable for everyday use again! This is partly thanks to the gentle laser technology with which Dr. Bauer performs the operation. To all my questions and uncertainties, Dr. Bauer immediately and can be reached by his patients at any time via what app. I am overjoyed with the result. Thank you Dr. Farmer!

Christina Herrmann

17. August 2020

I am 100% satisfied! I had a breast augmentation and the result really exceeds all my expectations. The treatment was very pleasant and I always felt that I was in good hands.

C.S.M Boehm

7. August 2020

Very competent and dear doctor. Always takes time for his patients, whether during consultation hours or by phone. Since I already had implants that had slipped completely and only caused pain, I turned to Dr. Farmer. After the operation the pain was gone and the result is really nice. I can only recommend. Thank you so much !

Best doctor! Really recommended. Everything about 5 stars. Preliminary discussion, operation, results, aftercare everything super Really always to be reached. Thanks dr. Farmer ♡

veronica georgi

28. Mai 2020