My specialization as a breast surgeon is your advantage

As far as I know I am the only plastic surgeon in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland, who operates only the female breast.

This high level of specialization means: any operation is performed with an extreme experience. To consistently implement this advantage, I concentrate exclusively on operational measures for the correction, enlargement, lifting, and embellishment of the female breast with my profound and long-standing experience as medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery.

In my clinic of aesthetic breast surgery in Munich-Bogenhausen, highly qualified specialist medical knowledge and operating skills are guaranteed. Due to the clear focus, my personal advice, all tips and recommendations, and in particular the specific surgical procedure on this specific, challenging field is based on a unique competence.

I would be glad to welcome you to a detailed consultation in which a simulation immediately can show your desired breast size with sample implants and a sample bra as well as with a 3Dsimulation to have an idea of how it could look like.

Also the fact that a 5-star hotel with spacious wellness oasis is located in the same building is ideal for the successful “total solution” of your request. So, you can get the discrete professional medical treatment and care with a relaxing stay, including aftercare with me as a consultant in one location.

My background as a plastic surgeon

Since my youth a noticeable interest in medicine and the desire to help other people have brought me to my vocation, the profession of the doctor. First I studied human medicine at the university of Vienna and learned about the basic knowledge. in 1991 I passed my state examination and a short time later I graduated to doctor of human medicine.

Parallel to work in hospital and clinic, I completed a further specialist medical education and qualified in the year 2000 as medical specialist for plastic surgery.

From 2000 to 2007 I was a member of the association of German plastic surgeons and the association of German aesthetic plastic surgeons.


The establishment of the charitable organization philanthropy e. V. in 2004 was a further important station in life for me. Also a station to get another point of view on life. Since the establishment this project has committed to humanitarian goals and funded medical aid in Uganda.

In the same year I qualified Reiki Master. So I posted a clear, mental extension of my human and professional competence. This was complemented and accompanied by a training in alternative naturopathic healing methods.

After I had worked from 2003 to 2005 as chief physician of the medical one Park clinic in Munich-Grünwald I decided to establish my own clinic in 2005: With the medical basic idea to provide exclusive services in the treatment field of aesthetic breast surgery.

Why a specialist for breast surgery?

As medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery I can exhibit more than 20 years of experience as a surgeon for breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast reduction and implant exchange. This pronounced specialist surgical competence is every day further sharpened by conscious and targeted specializing in aesthetic surgery of the female breast.

Since my clinic in Munich-Bogenhausen was established many patients have found their way to me. Until today more than 6,000 patients have been in my clinic to get their breast corrected, lifted, beautified and increased. With results that provoked the highest satisfaction.

Why breast surgery?

specialized breast surgeonNot only clothes make the man but also bodies do. Sports and fitness and a body- conscious way of life influences the self-esteem in our time. Therefore people start increasingly to suffer if their appearance is not the own or generally accepted ideals of beauty.

Nowadays this issue can be solved slightly. Until a few years ago plastic surgery was seen very critical of the company.

Today these interventions are considered as generally accepted. Not only people of the public life, stars and starlets, but increasingly the Nice, the good-looking neighbor can have performed similar operations.

Professionally carried out cosmetic surgery have one thing in common: increase the physical and mental well-being and self-esteem. This in turn leads to a more positive atmosphere with increased attractiveness.

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