As you can see from my treatment focus, I have had a professional expertise in aesthetic breast surgery that has grown over the years and has become steadily richer.

In addition to these fields, I also work on other topics in my clinic in Munich: corrective and secondary surgery, breast disorders, arrangement of financing and insurance for secondary costs in the case of Capsular contracture.

Additional services in the form of correction surgery and second surgery

Have you already decided on an aesthetic procedure such as breast augmentation or breast reduction of the breast a certain time ago? And you are not fully satisfied with the result?

Or has your corrected breast deformed, transformed, hardened, or displaced over time?

I also offer you my whole medical expertise in this field. As I dedicate myself to the greatest specialization of aesthetic breast surgery in my clinic in Munich, I am your specialist in the event that an older operation has led to unsatisfactory results.

Also in this case I offer you the intensive consultation, where we can consider together how we can help you to achieve a well-shaped and above all medically safe breast. If a surgical procedure is necessary now or later, I am at your side and take the operation with the latest methods.

Other services in the area of the breasts

If a specialist is consistently and completely focused on a specific treatment focus, the most up-to-date know-how on therapeutic possibilities, surgical procedures and accompanying measures must be available in his clinic. This applies to my special area of female breast surgery, even if you have a clear medical concern in addition to the aesthetic.

Malformations of the female breast can have very different causes. In some cases they go back to a certain genetic plant. Other forms of breast deformity develop only in the course of aging, caused by accidents and injuries or as a result of the therapeutic care of breast tumors.

Regardless of whether you have been affected by puberty of unequally shaped or asymmetrical breasts; Whether you are suffering from other deformities of the breast form or, for example, of the nipple area; Or whether you have a serious malformation with the so-called tubular breast, often unsightly as a probosculus or a breastbone, which is presented in three degrees of severity with accompanying sclerotic. I am your specialist in the greater Munich area for female breast surgery in all its facets.

However, the precise planned and accurate correction of the breast can also be necessary if you have a complication after a long-standing surgery of the Breast augmentation to the so-called capsule fibrosis.

Not only the body, but also the soul heals

As a long-standing successful specialist for the plastic-aesthetic optimization of the female breast, I would like to help you achieve a harmonious balance not only for your appearance. It is important to keep your mental balance at the same time. For through an intact, symmetrical and successfully restored breast, many psychological misunderstandings and problems can be avoided.

Arrangement of financing and insurances of the capsule fibrosis

Because I already had a large number of patients with capsule fibrosis as a private specialist for aesthetic breast surgery, I have extensive knowledge about this particular complication of Breast augmentation. Beside my medical competence for the thorough solution of the problem, I am also there for you with further knowledge if necessary.

A capsule fibrosis can quickly become expensive. To avoid financial difficulties and bring you to the safe side, I help you with the appropriate insurance and answer further financial questions.

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