Sequence breast surgery

Here you can find an overview of the typical sequence of a breast surgery. Depending on personal wishes, the type of operation (for example breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast reduction or a tubular breast surgery) and the results of the preliminary investigations the operation sequence can be different.

The entire process of a breast surgery consists of

• The consultation,
• The preliminary study,
• The stay in the clinic with the actual surgery,
• The direct follow-up (after-care) and
• long-term follow-up (after-care)

If you decide for a surgery you will get a detailed check list so that you can always have an eye on what happens next.

The operation itself takes depending on the type of procedure between one and two and a half hours and after seven to ten days you are able to work again.

Ask for an individual advice at any time.

How long do I have to wait for a breast surgeryHow long do I have to wait for a surgery appointment?

This can´t, of course, be answered exactly on a Web page. In the annual average there are about one to three months up to the surgery. The consultation and other preparations can be done already during this time. There is also a waiting list, which allows patients to use spontaneously released operation dates. So if you´re lucky you´ll have the opportunity to get an appointment already in a time period of 2 weeks.

Advice and preparation of breast surgery

Of course you can check on the Internet, also our pages are made for that. But a webpage can´t replace an individual consultation with an expert who answers your personal questions.

If you´re really interested in a surgery I recommend to make an appointment with a specialist. And because a plastic surgery is a very personal thing I also recommend to talk to several medical specialists until you find one you feel comfortable and secured with.

I advise you personally and in detail without further obligations.

Consultation before a breast surgery

Consultation before a breast surgeryIn the conversation between you and me I will explain the whole process once again to you and answer all the questions you still have.

In the consultation before I will use a 3D simulation, you can try analysis, a sample bra and test implants, to find out what size, shape, and style is the most likely for you. Of course I will recommend an implant but the final decision is up to you.

Learn more about the implants.

We also clarify whether there are medical reasons for a breast surgery. More on this, see risks and side effects of breast augmentation Munich.

You get a detailed documentation and a checklist from me that will guide you through the procedure. You only have to arrange an appointment at your family doctor for preliminary study and the journey to Munich, we organize the stay in the clinic and the surgery.

In my consulting I will fully enlighten you about everything. After that you can contact me at any time.

The preliminary study

After we have agreed an operation appointment, you make an appointment with your family doctor so I can get your lab values two weeks prior to surgery. Regarding to your Our anesthetist checks the results then critically to ensure that you tolerate the anesthesia. Depending on the outcome it could be that additional investigations are necessary. Arrange an appointment with one of our anesthesiologists before the surgery so he will tell you which of the gentle anesthesia the best is for you.

If you are 30 years old or olde we will need a certificate of your gynecologist emerging from that the breasts are healthy and there is no objection to the planned operation.

An electrocardiogram is necessary if you´re older than 30 years and / or have a corresponding background.

The course on the day of the surgery

At a glance

On the morning of your surgery day come with an empty stomach into the clinic. You will stay there for one night after the surgery in a single room. And the next morning you can be picked up approximately by 9:30 the clinic from a familiar person.

During your stay doctors and trained nurses will look after you and are around all the time.
Many women who come from far away, for example Switzerland, Austria or Northern Germany, prefer to arrive already on the previous day to spend one night in the Sheraton hotel, which is located in the same building. To avoid unnecessary stress in traffic jam on the highway to Munich.

The operation itself takes between one to three hours depending on the intervention.

The surgery itself

Prior to surgery

The breasts will be photographed and the implant site marked with a pencil. After the beginning of anesthesia and sterile ablution and cover the surgery begins.

Gentle surgery sequence breast surgeryGentle surgery

The operation is performed without a scalpel using a high-frequency electrocoagulation device, with which particularly gentle operations are possible.
 In simple breast augmentation, the implant is preferably inserted under the large breast muscle after an implant bearing, ie, a cavity for the implant, has been created in millimeter-precision. For this, it is necessary to cut the breast muscle somewhat in the region of the neck on the sternum depending on the anatomical course, since the implant would otherwise be pressed outwards.

Sewn the surgical wound

After the operating area has been washed again sterile and is covered again, the sterile gloves are exchanged and then the implants are inserted. The resulting wound is sewn into three layers. For this purpose, a thread is used which dissolves by itself, so that the drawing of the threads is superfluous. Already one hour after surgery you can get up again.

Duration of surgery

The Breast augmentation takes about an hour. The breast lifting takes about two hours. The operation of a tubular breast takes about 1.5 hours. The combination of a Breast augmentation with a breast tightening is the most extensive procedure and takes about two and a half hours. The surgical correction of a capsule fibrosis can take up to two hours depending on the severity.

Low blood loss due to modern surgical technique

The operation is performed without a scalpel. Instead, a high-frequency electrocoagulation device is used which simultaneously cuts and minimizes bleeding.
It is comparable to a laser. The resultant tissue damage is thus minimal.

The direct aftercare

In the hospital

After one night in the clinic and under medical supervision (there is always a doctor in the clinic for you there) you can go home!

In the first weeks after surgery

In the first weeks after surgeryWithin three days after surgery the wound is closed so that you can take a shower. After three weeks the breasts are mostly subsided. You can already start working again after 7 to 10 days – in the case of office activities even earlier.

In order to avoid swelling, you should have a daily lymph drainage for a period of one week. You will receive a special coaching to learn how to move the arms. You are allowed to move your arms freely, shower and drive a car after three days. Wearing a dressing is not necessary.

For six weeks, special plasters are used, which you can change every two weeks so they help to make a beautiful scar. After that the patients use a simple scars gel.

After only 14 days, light movements such as loose jogging and other light sports activities are possible. After six weeks also regular sports are possible.

A special bra is only necessary if a breast lifting or breast reduction has to be worn, or if the implants are expected in relation to the soft tissue (skin thickness, subcutaneous tissue), that the resulting scar will not be able to prevent the implant from sinking.

So the support bra is necessary only for larger implants.

Depending on the individual requirements, it may be necessary to wear a breast tape for a few days, which pushes the implants slightly downwards. This breast strap is also called Stuttgart belt.

The surgical scar

In most cases an inconspicuous scar appears in the lower breast fold, at which point it is the least seen. This is four to five centimeters long and about 1 millimeter wide. Women with black skin color and very young women with red hair may have a tendency to intensify scarring.

To counteract the scarring, I use special scar patches, which can be changed by the patients themselves. Later, only a commercial scar plaster is necessary.

In dark-skinned and red-haired women, which are prone to increased scarring, the scars can also be covered with a color laser and removed from the skin.

Long-term follow-up

When can I guess the outcome of a breast surgery?

After three weeks, the breast is mostly subsided and the contours become clearer. The final result is usually assessed after one year.

Do I have to do a routine examination every year or regularly?

Yes. Each patient has a gynecologist, who should be visited at least once a year. On this occasion (once a year) an ultrasound of the breasts is recommended.

Do the implants have to be changed once?

No, the implants I use last a lifetime after surgery. Depending on the manufacturer, they have up to seven outer shells and a structured surface. They are filled with a cohesive gel, which can not leak.

I look forward to seeing you soon as my patient in my clinic in Munich!