Replacement breast implants MunichReplacement of breast implants may be necessary if you have breast implants, the first and second generation. This should be changed after 10 to 15 years.

Implants of the new generation, as I use in my clinic, must not be changed from a medical point of view.

Another reason for the change of the implant in my clinic in Munich is that you are not satisfied with the results of an operation made with another doctor or that occurred to complications, such as the capsular contracture.

The third reason for the replacement of breast implants can be that your breast or your personal relationship with your breast has changed over the years and you wish for a further correction of the breast size and breast shape.

Ask for advice at any time.

Replacement of breast implants – consult thoroughly

No matter for what reason you want or need a replacement of breast implants, you should consult thoroughly on the procedure, the latest implants and any possible risks.

Only by this you can make sure that the implant exchange – plus a possible additional correction of the breast – leads to the results you want. In my clinic for breast surgery in Munich I advise you comprehensively in terms of breast implants change, explain exactly what you can expect and tell you more about the costs of the individual procedure.

Implant Exchange – gentle surgery without a scalpel

Implant Exchange - gentle surgery without a scalpelJust like breast augmentation or breast lifting I don´t perform an implant change with the scalpel but use a high-frequency electro-coagulation device. This procedure is comparable to a laser system and satisfies the bleeding already during cutting.

So the procedure harms the tissue as less as possible and it recovers faster after a change of the implant.

No long recovery phases are necessary by the gentle surgical technique. After 14 days you can do light sports, such as loose jogging. After six weeks you can work out sports as usual.

Special bracket plaster will be used during this time, which you yourself can change every two weeks. After that you just use a simple scar gel, to maintain the scar.

By using it a beautiful, discreet and smooth scar is assured.

How important is the change of the implant?

Old implants can represent a significant health risk which makes a change of implants in my clinic in Munich indispensable. The most common reasons for a change of the implants are:

• Breast asymmetry
• Shifting of implants
• Infection in the area of implants

In a first consultation I can tell more about the importance of an exchange of implants.

The size and shape of the breast implants used depends first and foremost according to your wishes

I advise you of course extensively and will also give a recommendation. Although you have the final say. During the consultations you have the possibility to get your ideas and wishes clarified by wearing bras and test implants.

What types of breast implants do you use?What types of breast implants do you use?

That depends on you! I use round and drop-shaped implants. The decision depends on the current breast form and the expectation of the patient.

If the breast above the nipple area is empty and the volume is below the nipple area, rather a round implant is used to fill the cavity and to embellish the neckline. If the breast is well stocked in all quadrants, you can take a drop shaped implant.
How to get breast implants and what are they filled with?

I only use implants of the company MOTIVA. The implant company gives a lifetime warranty on their implants according to the medical product regulation and have the CE mark. The filling of the implants varies between softer and harder consistency.

The choice will be taken in consideration of your connective tissue.

I look forward to welcoming you soon as my patient in my clinic in Munich!

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