The human body is by nature not 100% symmetrical, but conspicuous asymmetries can be disturbing – especially in the breast, which has a lot to do with the aesthetic effect of the female figure.

Because, of course, every intervention is a physical, financial and possibly also a psychological strain, you should have a thorough consultation about the type of procedure necessary to achieve your desired breast. I advise you extensively on breast asymmetry in my clinic in Munich.

Breast asymmetry – gently operations without a scalpel

breast asymmetry Dr. Patrick BauerJust as in breast augmentations, I do not perform a breast lifting or a breast asymmetry surgery with the scalpel, but use a high-frequency electro-coagulation device. This method, which is comparable to a laser system and arrests the bleeding during cutting. This will keep the surgery damages of the tissue as low as possible and you recover faster after the operation.

Due to the careful surgical technique no long recovery phases are necessary. After just 14 days you can easily exercise yourself again, for example slight jogging. After six weeks you can strain your body as usual.

During this time you will use special plasters which you can change every two weeks by yourself. After that you should use a simple scars gel to maintain the scar. This ensures a beautiful, inconspicuous and problem-free scar.

Ask for individual and personal advice at any time.

Unequal breasts called breast asymmetry are often a burden for the woman – what can I do?

Sometimes it is enough to enlarge or reduce one breast so that you have symmetrical breasts. However, the Breast augmentation or breast reduction can also affect the shape of your breast, so that it is necessary to engage the second breast to ensure a perfect result. I advise you extensively in my clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich.

An unequal breast can be treated surgically well

An unequal breast does not represent a permanent beauty defect. Different breasts can be handled gently. As mentioned above, the healing phase is very short and sports and other physical activities are possible again within a few weeks.

You can find out more about the general procedure of breast surgery from consultation to follow-up care here: Breast augmentation Munich

I look forward to seeing you soon as my patient in my clinic in Munich!