You probably wonder why I decided to use Motiva implants in my clinic in Munich. Below I would like to enlighten you why I am completely convinced of the quality and convey useful information about the implants which can help you to achieve your desired breast.

Behind the name Motive you find the company establishment Labs. With more than 30 years of experience in the development of high quality breast implants the goal is to create a range which can be unmatched in the points of safety and design. The result is an implant series called Motiva implant Matrix® which has a wide product range.

By matching your physique and your wishes I choose the implant that achieves the best possible aesthetic results from the huge selection of different shapes and sizes. All innovations such as the Q inside safety technology™ or the ProgressiveGel Ultima™ have the highest quality and safety at the centre. 

All products of the company Establishment Labs aim to give more security for Breast augmentations to you as a demanding patient as well as me as a qualified breast specialist.

Motiva breast implants have a special Nano – and micro texturing and withdraw this from the current standard of texturing made by salt – or sugar treatment. This new process has been patented and has already shown outstanding performance in studies and tests.

What is the female breast made of?

Your bosom is made up of adipose tissue, nerves, blood vessels, mammary glands, milk tubes and Lymph nodes. The shape and firmness of your breasts is determined to a large extent on the adipose tissue and skin elasticity. Sometimes the adipose tissue constitutes more than half of the breast tissue! The pectoral muscles lie under the breast. Above or sometimes even below the breast implant is placed.

What are breast implants made of?

Breast implants can have different shapes and types of surfaces and consist of a filling material made of saline or silicone. The filling material is surrounded by a silicone elastomer shell.

Saline breast implants

In this case the Expander is filled with a sterile saline solution as well as the implants itself are filled with whereby the latter are empty introduced and subsequently filled later on. This has the advantage that the cuts this may be smaller. However, an increased risk is that the surface of the implant sheds wrinkles or the implant even runs out. For this reason I don´t use implants with saline solutions in my clinic.

Breast implants with silicone

Silicone implants, which already contain silicone gel, feel and look similar to the natural breast and are preferred by many patients. Implants of the new generation have a rigid silicone gel. For decades the material in medical technology as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industry is considered to be safe.

There are differences in the surface of breast implants?

Salt and sugar free motiva implantsYes, because the surface can be smooth or textured also. Other manufacturers use salt, sugar or other particles for the texturing. These high textures can cause disadvantages for women who are very active.

Surfaces of Motiva implants

To achieve a better compatibility as well as a significantly gentler and uniform structure of the implants the surfaces of the Motiva manufactured implants without sugar or salt. A related future complications such as ALCL was found in current studies if an aggressive texturing using sugar or salt was used.

  • The surfaces of the Motiva implants are safe and free from aggressive wells as well as sugar or salt grains
  • The hull surface is uniform and optimized
  • The implant hull are uniform and come out without the traditional”thin”
  • SilkSurface™ – NanoSurface™ has 8,000 points of contact with a depth of 16 Micron per cm²
  • VelvetSurface™ – MicroSurface™ – has 1,800 to 2,200 points of contact with a depth of 40-100 microns per cm²
  • Production gentle in a single step
  • Controlled surface treatment by the Motiva 3D inversion™ manufacturing process, where no foreign material is added to

How are the implants produced?

What is special about SilkSurface® and VelvetSutface®?

Breast implants with this controlled manufacturing process have a unique nano surface and come without any exogenous materials such as salt or sugar. This ensures a better biocompatibility. Nano surfaces ensures that the implant optimally adapts to the natural movements of your breast by promoting a natural interaction between the implant and the surrounding tissue.

What role does the form of the implants play?

Breast implants are available in various sizes and can be oval, drop-shaped or round. Oval and drop shaped implants are used when more volume is desired in the lower breast area. In contrast to round implants, there may be rare complications such as rotations and other undesirable aesthetic results. Due to the special surgical technique, you should consult a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery specialized in the female breast. If, on the other hand, the upper breast area is to be filled, round implants are suitable.

What is meant by talking about Matrix® Ergonomix ™ line of implants?

You want your new breasts not only to look natural, but also feel like that? Then look forward to the innovation of this series! Apart from the size, projection and base area, the shape of the implants plays a role for the desired aesthetic result. The later décolleté is determined by the base area of the implant, while the abundance, volume and projection of the implant are responsible for the future cup size.

The technological advancement of implants stagnated before Motiva Implant Matrix® silicone breast implants came onto the market. A more natural feeling was achieved by using particularly tender implant sleeves, but the durability was low.

In addition, the implants were often damaged because they were not completely filled. In order to better positioning the implant and minimize the risk of contracture, manufacturers have developed aggressive texturing. Unfortunately, however, other problems such as double capsules or abscesses filled with lymph fluid were the result.

Other fillings, such as the saline solution, were further developed. Unfortunately, these did not feel so natural, but were considered an alternative to the prevailing silicone. Disadvantages were unsightly wrinkles and grooves as well as a rapid leakage of the implants.

Why are there different gel forms for Motiva implants?

Three different, highly cohesive gels are available: Progressive Gel, Progressive Gel PLUS ™ and Progressive Gel Ultima ™. I will advise you which gel is best for you, taking into account your individual needs.

At all times, a maximum control of the rheological properties of the silicone gels, their viscosity and elasticity is ensured.

The Benefits of Motiva Implant Matrix® Silicone Breast Implants at a Glance:

  • State-of-the-art design: stronger and more durable breast implants
  • Easier insertion and smaller cuts thanks to exceptional elasticity
  • Ultra-soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shaping and a good natural feeling
  • Wide selection of implant projections
  • Homogeneous nano-texture, which is produced without foreign materials
  • Q Inside Safety Technology ™ ensures maximum transparency
  • Excellent patient support
  • Unique guarantee program with Lloyd’s of London

Minimized health risks with Motiva Implant Matrix® breast implants

  • implants with BluSeal® – a newly developed barrier layer that prevents gel diffusion.
  • The first and only implants, which can also be identified by an electronic serial number (ESN) from the outside.
  • Higher implant strength thanks to TrueMonobloc® design, which leads to easy implantation and increased durability
  • 100% ultra-smooth, progressive ProgressiveGel ™, ProgressiveGel ™ PLUS and ProgressiveGel ™ ULTIMA, which prevents tearing during implantation and leakage or slipping

More beautiful results with Motiva Implant Matrix® breast implants

  • Among all breast implants, the widest range of different filling gels
  • ProgressiveGel ™ is a reliable silicone gel for fullness in the upper area and a wonderful look.
  • ProgressiveGel ™ PLUS adapts perfectly to the contour of your breast thanks to balanced plasticity and elasticity.
  • ProgressiveGel ™ Ultima is a very elastic soft gel which provides a natural look and feel.

Highest quality standards

Long-term implantable silicones, which have been chemically, physically and biologically tested by the FDA.

  • The raw materials come from Nusil, the largest and most renowned silicone manufacturer for medical purposes in the USA. Nusil has 30 years of proven safety in the medical industry.
  • Mechanical test results that exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F703-07 and ISO 14607: 2007 standards
  • Improved, microbiologically tested safety profile in accordance with US and European medicines and the ISO 11737-1: 2006 standard.2
  • The world’s first breast implants with Q Inside Safety Technology ™, with which the implant can be identified at any time from outside using a handheld device

Five-year study

You may be interested in the results of a 5-year study published by Establishment Labs in late September on the use of various breast implants. All results demonstrate the low risk and the excellent compatibility of Motiva implants. In summary, there were 95 complaints for 102,498 implants, of which 16 were attributable to product defects. There was not a single case of double capsule formation, later seromas or ALCL.

Download the study here.

Properties and clinical benefits of Motiva implants

The complete implant concept from Motiva is highly innovative and adapted to the needs of the patients. For our surgeons, these innovations mean never-before-seen possibilities to be able to work even more safely and to help you as best you can with your wish.

  • There are no remains of salt or sugar grains
  • The shell surface is safe and free from aggressive wells generated by crystalline texture treatments
  • The uniform, optimized sheath surface improves implant placement, improves tissue fixation, and reduces the risk of implant rotation
  • Since the implant grommets are uniform and manage without “thin spots” that often occur in traditional implants, they are more stable, have a longer shelf life, and have a better separation layer
  • The controlled surfaces allow the insertion of the implant through a very small incision and reduce the risk of a double capsule and a late atheroma

What about the electronic serial number of Motiva implants?

motiva implants electronic serialIn short, this allows the data to be read out from a maximum distance of 30 cm and ensures an optimal traceability of the implant. All specific data of the implants are stored directly in the implant and can be called up.

In the Q Inside Safety Technology ™ from VeriTeQ the first human-readable FDA-approved electronic ID card in the world is set. It is also unique that it is used in a breast implant with a CE marking. The electronic identification card is used to identify breast implants and passive radio detection. Thanks to this innovative technology, the medical staff at the place of treatment have secure and accurate data on the breast implant used.

How does the Q Inside Safety Technology ™ work?

The biocompatible electronic identity card consists of a distinctive, 15-digit number series and can only be read directly via the skin using a hand-held handheld device. This 15-digit code is verified by means of a database. Thus, the person who authorized you for it receives valuable relevant data on the procedure and the implant used.

The Q Inside Safety Technology ™ provides you with a maximum of security, transparency and well-being. Both physicians and you yourself have non-invasive means of obtaining data on the implant. Until now, patients receive product and guarantee cards, which, however, involve the risk of being displaced or even lost. Thanks to the Q Inside Safety Technology ™, losing or moving the treatment pass is impossible. In the unlikely event of a security problem or recall, breast implants provided with this technology can be easily tracked and controlled.

What is BluSeal® for Motiva breast implants?

This visible barrier coating minimizes money diffusion and reduces the risk of capsule contracture. The ISO and ATM guidelines are exceeded by a multiple, thus offering maximum security.

BluSeal® for Motiva breast implantsOnly Motiva Implant Matrix® implants feature the unique and patented barrier technology BluSeal®, providing additional security. For more than 20 years it has been standard in the industry that gel escapes from the implant and enters the body of the patient. The additional barrier layer minimizes the diffusion of silicone in the body by minimizing the leakage of the gel. This significantly reduces the risk of capsular contracture in Motiva implants.

As a surgeon, you can use the BluSeal® barrier layer to check the important safety feature around the entire implant itself. This property is 100% available in every Motiva Implant Matrix® product. The strictest quality and safety standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials and the ISO are met.

Only Motiva Implant Matrix® implants feature the unique and patented barrier technology BluSeal®, providing additional security. For more than 20 years it has been standard in the industry that gel escapes from the implant and enters the body of the patient. The additional barrier layer minimizes the diffusion of silicone in the body by minimizing the leakage of the gel. This significantly reduces the risk of capsular contracture in Motiva implants

What is TrueMonobloc®?

Through this high-performance sheath, all individual parts of the implant are connected with the same pulling force. The sheath can thereby serve as a whole structure, which has the advantage of facilitating insertion and improving the mechanical properties of the implant under tension.

The mechanical test results of the Motiva Implant Matrix® exceed the specifications of the ASTM F-703 standard specification for implantable breast prostheses prescribed by the FDA and ISO 14607: 2009.

Motiva Ergonomix ™ implants with TrueTissue Technology ™

The aim of the development of Motiva Ergonomix ™ implants was to prevent the problem of rotations in anatomically shaped implants and also to remedy the unnatural feeling and behavior after breast surgery, which many patients complained of. By adapting the Motiva Ergonomix ™ implant with the help of the gravity of your position, a natural result is achieved

Using the latest available procedures, a 100 percent filled implant has been developed which adapts its shape only after implantation and takes the appearance of a conventional implant but does not cause the classical problems of rotation and implant hardening.

A classic, elastic elastomer cover is combined with the special rheological properties of ProgressiveGel Ultima ™. This, in combination with the gravity, brings the highest point of the projection into the lower range when you are in standing position. If you lie flat on your back, the implant behaves exactly like a natural breast: the highest projection travels to the center of your breast.

The highly elastic ProgressiveGel Ultima ™ provides a very soft, natural feeling of the breasts and is made with the best Nusil technology for silicone material. It does not deform during implantation.

Because of the TrueMonobloc ™ configuration and the ProgressiveGel Ultima ™ the natural behavior of the breast is imitated as much as possible. Benefit from this feeling of self-assurance in everyday life!

The SilkSurface® surface does not stick to the surrounding tissue with its NanoSurface Technology ™. The implant can thus adapt to the natural movements. The wear, which can occur during salt or sugar texturisation, if you are very active, is prevented.

The wear, which can occur during salt or sugar texturisation, if you are very active, is prevented.

Motiva implants only in double packWhy there are Motiva implants only in double pack?

Because of the TwinPack ™ packaging system, it is ensured that the products are always of the same age and thus come from the same production batch. It gives you the certainty that identical implants are used and that both the traceability of the implants and your safety are significantly improved.

Comprehensive guarantee on all products of the Motiva Implant Matrix®

If a rupture occurs during the shelf life, it is ensured that you receive a replacement product. In the case of capsular contractures of the Baker stages 3 and 4 or a rotation of the implant, the product set-up program also acts. For more details on the theme insurance protection, I would be happy to advise you personally.

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