Costs breast surgery

The costs of a breast surgery is between € 1,500 – € 8,500 and depends on the effort, as well as the individual wishes and requirements. For most breast surgeries a fixed price exists. Otherwise the prices vary according to the duration, extent and conditions of the procedure.

The consultation for orientation for you personally and of course strictly confidential.
The following prices are “ALL IN” – including anesthesia and one night in a single room, as well as all after-care sessions:

  • Breast augmentation from 7,200 € (Motiva implant)
  • Breast augmentation with Motiva-Ergonomix implant (drop-shaped) from 7,500 €
  • Breast lifting from 8,200 €
  • Breast augmentation with breast lifting from 8,500 €
  • Breast augmentation with breast lifting (Ergonomix implant) from 8,500 €
  • Breast reduction from from 8,500 €
  • Replacement of implants without capsular contracture from 7,200 – 7,500 €
  • Replacement of the implant with capsular contrature from 7,500 – 8,200 €
  • Implant removal from 3,500 €
  • Correction of scar / After correction from 2,500 € 

Will I get the costs of a breast surgery reimbursed by the health insurance company?

No, as a rule, the costs of breast surgery can not be covered by the health insurance because it is an aesthetic procedure. An exception is medical indications, which however have to be considered individually. In these specific cases, we only expect private health insurance companies, so they have the option of reimbursing a large proportion of the costs from their private health insurance. Statutory health insurances are excluded.

What happens if I think about it differently before?

This is unfortunate, but I respect your decision, of course. It’s no use if you dare take this step only half-heartedly. Please tell us as soon as possible, I will try to fill the approved date from the waiting list. If this is not possible, I charge you a cancellation fee, which depends on the duration until the surgery date. You can get an information leaflet during the consultation.

What happens if I get sick before the appointment?

In case of illness, I need a doctor’s certificate. Cancellation costs do not arise, of course.

Are there 0% financing options for breast surgery?

Find out more about our partner in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Finanzierung Medkred Brustoperationen

You have further questions?

Then do not hesitate and contact us. You can expect a personal, non-binding and confidential advice in which I will be happy to answer all your questions.

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