Breast Reduction Munich – Poor posture and postural damage can be eliminated

Are you suffering from back pain due to too a big breast and looking for a solution? Have you been thinking about whether you should change something on your breast?

Preparing to breast reduction munichNot only a breast that is too small can unbalance the mental state. Too big breast can also be a strain on the psyche and the whole body. If it is the case that the weight and size of the breast do not correspond to the remaining proportions of the body, this can lead to poor posture and serious damage to the posture. Too much bosom can be a physical and psychological burden.

I will advise you in detail regarding reducing your breast.

Are you shrinking back to surgery for fear of possible risks and side effects? It is not so difficult to reach the desired goal and along with you I develop a treatment concept that comes along with your wishes and expectations. Tensions, back pain and other problems are now a thing of the past through a breast reduction.

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Breast Reduction required? – Gentle operation without a scalpel

Breast reduction Munich Dr. med. Patrick BauerWhy should you put an unnecessary strain on your body if it is possible much more gentle?

There are modern surgical methods in the field of breast reduction, which make the use of a scalpel unnecessary and keep the stress on your body as low as possible. This is what I offer you with a breast reduction in Munich. I use a so-called high-frequency electrocoagulation device, which can be compared with a laser in principle. The device is able to cut during the operation and at the same time to arrest the bleeding. It is a modern surgical method that causes very minimal tissue damage.

Would you like to find out more about this operating method?

I would be pleased to show you how exactly this operating method looks like and what advantages arise for you. In any case, this method has a much more positive effect on the healing process, as for example with conventional surgical techniques.

Comprehensive after-care in a breast reduction – what belongs to

breast reductionAnd what happens after surgery?

After-care plays an important role in all breast surgeries, in order to prevent possible post-bleeding, dislocation or unsightly scarring. In most cases you will need to wear a special bra after a breast reduction and have lymph-drainages performed to promote a subside of the breast. For six weeks there is a plaster on the wound, which you can change every two weeks. After that you need to apply only a special scalp gel to get a nice, consistent scar.

What about the recovery phases?

In many operations long recovery phases are necessary afterwards. These are eliminated by the application of the gentle surgical technique. After about 14 days, slight movements are possible again. Slight jogging or other sports activities can be started again after about three weeks. Also swimming is possible after this time. After six weeks you can strain your body as usual.

You still have questions about the exact procedure of the operation in a breast reduction in Munich?

Simply arrange a personal consultation

A good relationship of trust between the doctor and the patient is important and represents a part of the treatment success. Do you still have specific questions?

Female controlling breast after breast reduction munich
I offer you the opportunity to arrange an initial, personal and non-binding appointment in my clinic in Munich. For this you can use the contact form and enter your individual date request. My team will get in touch with you to confirm your appointment or to name some alternatives. You can also contact me by phone, if you prefer. In an initial consultation you will find out more about the procedure of operations, aftercare, costs of breast reduction, risks & side effects and the further achievements of my clinic.

Dr. med. Patrick Bauer“Beauty surgeries are a matter of trust.”