Breast lifting Munich – Are you looking for a specialist in this field?

Breast lifting Munich Dr. BauerThen you are in the right place at my clinic in Munich, because among other things I am a specialist in breast lifting.

You are increasingly dissatisfied with your appearance and would like to have a little tighter contour, especially in the area of the breast measurement?

With increasing age, the tension of the skin and the body tissue decreases. This applies not only to the face but also to the female breast. The skin and the tissue lose their youthful elasticity due to natural aging processes, weight fluctuations or previous pregnancies. A limp décolleté can adversely affect the mental balance and lead to a reduction in self-esteem.

You are thinking about giving your décolleté a fresh look again? A breast lifting can be the solution if you want to have a fresh cleavage that has youthful tension. You still have concerns or specific questions about breast lifting? I advise you extensively in all fields and show you how to perfect your breast shape with a breast lifting. A tighter breast can make you look as young as you feel inside.

Ask for a personal individual consultation at any time.

Breast lifting – I rely on gentle surgical procedures

In my clinic in Munich I offer you a comprehensive, confidential treatment and a complete surgical care in the field of breast lifting. Excellent aesthetic results are the main focus. Starting from the individual findings I work out a treatment plan along with you that takes your ideas and wishes into consideration.

Are you frightened of a surgery because you are afraid of a long healing phase and visible scars?

specialized breast surgeon breast liftingGentle surgical procedures are at the center of attention and the use of scalpels is renounced in breast lifting. As with Breast augmentation a high-frequency electrocoagulation device is also used for breast lifting. The bleeding is solved directly during the operation because of the laser-like system and there is only a little damage to the existing tissue.

Wound healing can be optimized and accelerated thereby. It is possible without great problems, depending on the findings, to lift the sunken breast again and bring it into the original position. A Breast augmentation with implants can also be performed together with the breast lifting in my clinic.

And how long does the healing process take? Redon drainages ensures better wound healing. A special redon-drainage will already be placed during the surgery, which has already proven itself several times in the field of wound healing. This inner suction drainage ensures that the resulting blood can flow out of the operating area. Already in the morning after the operation, the redon-drainage can be withdrawn.

And how fast can the healing progress?

Plastic surgery doctor draw line patient breastThe gentle surgical technique ensures that the duration of the recovery phases is also significantly shorter than in the case of conventional surgical procedures. After about 14 days you can go back to more sporty activities, like jogging. A normal load is already possible after six weeks. You will be able to change the plasters every two weeks during this time. After the six weeks have elapsed, you only have to use a special scars gel to get a nice, unobtrusive scar.

In my consultation I will give you comprehensive information about everything. After that you can contact me at any time.

Breast lifting Munich costs – what costs do you have to reckon with?

The costs of a breast lifting in my clinic in Munich may vary, depending on the size of the respective procedure. In an initial consultation session, I will discuss the costs, show you which implants, or how we will perform the surgery, or other services such as correction for breast asymmetry or implant replacement.

Breast lifting Dr. Bauer MunichBreast lifting costs health insurance – does the health insurance pay part of the costs ?

Usually the costs of a breast lifting are not covered by the health insurance. An exception is only for a substantiated, medical indication, which can lead to a costs transfer. This may be the case, for example, with chronic back pain, which can be proved to be due to an excessive range.

Do you have any questions about breast lifting? I am looking forward to a comprehensive consultation

Breast lifting is not a decision that you take overnight and you need some consideration before. I give you the opportunity to arrange a first, personal consultation in my clinic. I advise you confidentially and without any further obligations that are due to you. I will provide you with my experience from more than 6,000 successful breast surgeries and listen to all your questions.

How can you contact me?

You can use my contact form and make an appointment. Within a very short time, my team will contact you to confirm the date or to suggest alternative proposals. Of course you can also contact me by telephone in Munich.