Breast augmentation Dr. Bauer MunichThe female breast is the symbol of feminine attractiveness and there is hardly no other zone which has more importance In the field of beauty.

There is nothing more beautiful than a balanced décolleté which attracts much attention. However, only a few women are, no matter whether young or old, equipped with a perfectly proportioned breast size.

Small breasts, which can lead among other things to a person’s low self-esteem and result often in emotional problems, are one of the most common problems in this area. Increasing age, pregnancy, or other factors can lead to a change in the breast.

But, what can help a small breast?

Aesthetic breast augmentation with brand implants may be the best solution. Aesthetic breast augmentation is one of the special fields in my clinic in Munich.

Along with you I find an optimal solution in the field of breast augmentation. Gentle operation methods in the foreground allow a faster healing process. I operate as a attending doctor in the Arabella clinic, a very exclusive clinic in the Bogenhausen district.

Looking for gentle breast augmentation? You can expect friendly, innovative surgical procedure in my practice

Breast enlargement munichYou back off from the idea of a breast surgery because you fear of a long healing period and large scars?

In my clinic in Munich I generally perform breast augmentations without using a scalpel. Instead of the scalpel I use a high-frequency electro-coagulation device, which is similar to a conventional laser. The advantage of this method is that the damage to the tissue is extremely minimal. The device cuts at the same time and minimized the bleeding. This can significantly speed up the healing process of a breast augmentation and improve wound healing.

Risks of breast augmentation?

The risks of a secondary bleeding in a breast augmentation in my clinic in Munich can be lowered by the gentle surgical method. You can choose between different types of implants. I only use brand implants by renowned manufacturers from MOTIVA. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a round or drop shaped implant.

You want a safe implant that lasts a lifetime?

Each silicone implant which I use in my clinic in Munich is leak-proof and, on the part of the manufacturer, associated with a lifetime warranty. The size of the implants depends generally according to your wishes. And also the consistency is different so it depends on your own taste and texture of your connective tissue. I will advise you and will show you what kind of implant is the optimal one for your current breast form.

In my consulting I will fully enlighten you about everything. After that you can contact me at any time.

Gentle breast augmentation – I offer you a comprehensive range of services

breast enlargement and augmentation woman munichAs medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery I have more than 20 years of experience as a surgeon you can benefit from. I suggest you to take a no-obligation consultation service, where I like to enlighten you about all possibilities in the field of breast augmentation with implants. Especially in the field of aesthetic breast surgery there are usually many unanswered questions that arise in advance of an operation in the patients. I would like to enlighten you exactly about how the operation procedure is planned or in the pre – and after-care.

Why is a good, comprehensive after-care so important after breast augmentation?

The follow-up after surgery is essential to achieve an optimal, perfect result. A daily lymph drainage can prevent swelling in the area of the breast. In a special coaching you will be shown how you can move your arms. Already three days after surgery you can move your arms again completely freely, drive a car, take showers or similar. A dressing must not be worn.

Do you have questions about a breast surgery or breast augmentation in the Arabella Klinik Munich? Arrange a personal consultation!
Specialist in breast surgery Dr Patrick Bauer still questions about breast augmentation? Take a look on our homepage for more information.

Breast augmentation in the Arabellaklinik Munich – You have questions about a breast augmentation? Arrange a personal consultation

implants breast augmentationQuestions about breast augmentation? On our pages you will find even more information.

On our pages, you can inform yourself about breast augmentation in Munich or breast lifting. You can register for your newsletter and will be informed regularly about current events or complex operations that come from my daily business.

Do you have more questions?

Then do not hesitate and contact us. You can use our contact form or contact us by phone. A personal, non-binding and confidential consultation awaits you. Breast surgery is an important step in life and the trust relationship between the doctor and the patient is also very important.

What do you need to take into account when implanting a breast augmentation?

You can take over part of the aftercare, for example changing the plasters. These must be changed every two weeks so that a fine scar can develop. After six weeks the plasters are no longer needed and the application of a special scar-gel is sufficient. And the gentle operation technique that I use in my clinic in Munich has other advantages.

What is the purpose of a Breast augmentation with implants and when can you do your daily things again?

Up to an implant size of 300 grams, no special support bra must be worn. After about 14 days slightly, physical exercises are possible again, such as easy jogging or cycling. After six weeks you can strain your body a little more. After only three weeks the breast is subsided to a large subsided and the exact contour is clearer to see. The final result can be seen after about a year.

What are the costs of increasing your breast size?

This question can not be answered on a general basis since the answer depends on various factors.

I will show you what services I offer whether there are risks and side effects and in which range the costs of a breast augmentation move.

Especially in the part of costs a comprehensive information is important and a consultation can be an initial orientation.

Dr. med. Patrick Bauer – Your doctor for Breast augmentation with implants in Munich.

I look forward to seeing you soon as my patient in my clinic in Munich!

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