Dr. med. Patrick Bauer – Specialist for breast surgery | augmentation | mammoplasty | breast lifting | breast reduction

Get to know the probably only aesthetic plastic surgeon in Germany who has successfully completed more than 6000 surgeries concentrating exclusively on the entire therapy of the female breast.

„Hello! I am very pleasant to see that you, after you may have also found some other pages, found the way to my homepage. It means that you’ve been thinking about the look of your breast for a while pretending to find a way how to make them become more beautiful even if you already have a beautiful breast. As a specialist for this very sensitive area of the female body I made the satisfaction of your wish to my medical life goal – not only as a special challenge but also as a long-term responsibility.

And, having said that, we’ve just arrived at the most important point of our common topic “breast surgery”: The relationship of trust between the doctor and patient. Between me and you. Between what you imagine and what I can achieve and what is responsibly. This applies to all fields of plastic and aesthetic breast surgery, which I concentrate on exclusively. This covers the fields breast augmentation, breast lifting, operative correction of tubular or asymmetric breast as well as the therapy of capsular contracture and implant exchange.

Plastic surgery MunichA woman’s décolleté is the region the feminine beauty is shown the most and has a direct effect.
And at what time problems are caused isn´t only a question of age.
Beauty is not a privilege enjoyed by only the Young at all.
The beauty of your breast can be regained or enhanced by using the gentle methods of my advanced technology.
 In my clinic which is specialized in the field of aesthetic breast surgery.

The most important points in my clinic are:

Consultation, Therapy & Support – I’m your specialist in breast augmentation, breast lifting and breast reduction.

If you have any questions you can contact us any time for an individual consulting.

Consultation: „much is achievable, but not everything is advisable”

Of course the patient’s wishes are first and foremost at my clinic. But, and most of my patients appreciate that, consultation needs to have a further look at all the aspects of such a surgery. As I do the consultation as well as the surgery itself principally by myself I will tell you some key points: Is it your own wish or does your partner want you to do this? Reason? Habits at work and in your free time? Age? Expectations? Harmonies with other parts of your body? And so on …

In my longstanding experience I found out that a breast surgery in its result has to be as individual as the patient is itself. That is the only way naturalness and personality can be guaranteed. Because of that both sides, me as well as the patient, have to speak as open as possible in the time before the surgery.

Therapy: „To choose the best in each case“

I banished the scalpel from my clinic and replace it by a radio frequency coagulator. This advanced method is similar to the laser technology but demands highest precision and lots of know-how. The benefits for you as the patient are considerable: hemostasis already during surgery. Less injury of tissue. Reduced duration while surgery. Effectively reduces the healing time. Means: “gentle surgery” not as a buzzword but as a guarantee because of using the surgical Technology mentioned above .

Brustimplantate Dr. Patrick BauerIn the field of breast augmentation I only use labeled implants from the manufacturer MOTIVA. Both silicon products are worldwide at the forefront in quality, absolutely leak-proof and haptic very close to breast tissue. These manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and qualified themselves during the last years as an ideal product partner for my challenging surgery technic.

I also use the gentle surgery for breast reduction and breast asymmetry and discuss detailed with you which method can be used to have the highest quality of outcome. The increasing frequent asked breast lifting, often in combination with an adjusted breast surgery, enables women to release their décolleté in a tight and refreshed way. This type of “moderate plastic surgery” is the heart of my work.

In all cases I create a personal therapy plan closely together with you which fits you and your wishes on the physical and financial level. To trust in each other is one of the most important conditions to me.

Support: “Afterwards is as important as before. Just a little more attractive.”

From my point of view a plastic surgeon should not say: “When I did my job good, everything is good!” Also the patient’s attitude is an additional and essential success factor after the surgery. Because of that me and also my colleagues in my clinic take aftercare very seriously and shape it as personally as possible for you. In general you should know: Take the first shower after three days. After seven to ten days you can go back to work. Light sports after about two weeks. For six weeks you will have to wear Special plaster.

In the end:

A breast surgery is not an appendix surgery where you hope that your life goes on as usual just without any pain. After the surgery you should live a life which is more beautiful, more satisfied and more self-confidential. I do not only agree on this ambition I share it with you. And I will do everything I can to make your dream come true as the longtime contact to my patients over many years has shown. I can´t imagine a bigger success in my work!

Now it´s your turn – Have courage: Arrange a first one to one consultation. I am looking forward to it.

specialist of breast augmentation munichNo matter if you want to work it out currently, if you are not sure yet or just looking for information. Let´s talk about it right now, also if you´re not going to choose me as your plastic surgeon after all. You will still be free in making your decision but can take it well found because, after more than 6000 surgeries, I can contribute to your decision.
Just fill in the contact form one klick later it will be done and I will contact you personally for a first consultation in my clinic in Munich.

And before our appointment you can also scroll through my page to get information regarding the different fields of treatment so you can see at a glance which possibilities you have. You will also find different references to current videos and the newest developments.

See you soon …

Breast augmentation

As a symbol of female attractiveness the female breast has a great importance. Unfortunately only fewer women are blessed with a perfect proportioned breast.

Too small breast can make women feel less self-confident or can cause psychological problems. Many years ago I specialized in plastic aesthetic surgery with branded implants in my clinic in Munich. The implants I use are the newest generation and from a medical point of view they don´t have to be changed – a lifetime.
 Gentle operational methods which enable a faster healing process are paramount.

Together with you I will find an optimal solution to achieve your dream breast. To give yourself an idea of your new look in advance we use an innovative 3D-simulation from the market leader “Crisalix” in my clinic. Crisalix is bundling three normal pictures into one 3D-picture from which you will have a realistic idea of your new dream breasts after the surgery.

You can also take the result home with you to discuss it with your closest friends or family.

Breast lifting

Are you more and more dissatisfied with your external appearance and dream of more tight contours in the area of your breast?
 The skins and body tissues elasticity is not only reduced due to age but also because of weight fluctuation and previous pregnancies. A professional breast lifting in my clinic in Munich can be the solution if you want to get back a youthful décolleté. Through breast lifting we´re able to have your breast shape looking as young as you feel. I attach importance of renouncing a scalpel. Instead I use a high frequency coagulator which is also used in breast augmentation. Because of a system similar to a laser the bleeding is already arrested while the surgery so the tissue only gets slight damaged.

You benefit from a quick healing and can soon go on doing the things you like to do.

Breast reduction

Also a too large breast can be a psychologically and physically burden. If weight and size of the breast are not corresponding with the proportions of the rest of the body this can cause poor posture and serious posture problems. Also back pain is often a result.

Along with you we develop a treatment concept which complies to your wishes and imaginations. After a breast reduction back pain, tensions and other problems will be completely solved and no longer be a part of your life.

In every case of breast surgery after care plays an important role to prevent possible secondary bleeding, misalignments or unsightly scarring. In most cases it makes sense to wear a special bra and make use of lymphatic drainage after the surgery so your breast can get detumescence. After 14 days you can move easily.

With easy jogging you can start again after about three weeks. After six weeks you can strain your body as usual.

Breast asymmetry

Slight asymmetries in the human body are completely normal. If these are very striking and, for example, one breast is significantly larger than the other, this can be very annoying. Because the female breast is a very prominent part of the body, many women suffer extremely if the differences can be perceived even from strangers. But you don´t have to resign yourself with this situation!

Along with you we will discuss the ways in which we can realize your dream breasts in my clinic in Munich. Sometimes it is sufficient to reduce only one breast or to enlarge one breast, so both are symmetrical. If you also want to optimize the form at the same time, it is essential that we correct both sides for an optimal result. Because every intervention is a physical, financial, and under certain circumstances also emotional burden I will advise you in my clinic in Munich very extensively also on the subject of breast asymmetry.

Incomparably large breasts can operationally be solved very well and represent no permanent blemishes. The healing period is a few days to weeks, and soon you can strain your body again as usual.

Capsular contracture

A capsule-like hardening of the scars around the implant in medicine is called capsular contracture. When scanning this reminds of solid connective tissue and can cause pain. A capsular contracture is caused by the fact that around the implant a shell of, more or less hard, scar tissue arises. It is still not clear why a capsular contracture occurs.

Inflammation, which can be triggered by bacteria on the implants, but also secondary bleeding or radiation associated with breast reconstruction are discussed as a reason for that. Consult promptly on my clinic of medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic breast surgery in Munich, if you or your family doctor notices a change in your corrected breast.

I am able to professionally and competently perform the diagnosis and if needed to replace the existing implant against a new high-quality implant. It is possible to insure in advance against capsular contracture and to absorb the costs of any treatment. The symptoms of a capsular contracture can be classified in four levels, ranging from a slight hardening in the breast to the complete deformation.

Implant exchange

If you have breast implants, the first and second generation, they should be changed after ten to fifteen years. In my clinic in Munich I use exclusively brand implants of the manufacturer MOTIVA, which must not be changed from a medical point of view.

Another possible reason for the implant change in my professional clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery can be that you´re not satisfied with the results of a breast surgery performed by another doctor. Even if there have been complications, for example a capsular contracture, you are in competent hands in myclinic.

Sometimes a change of breast implants might also be wanted if your breast or your personal relation to your decision have changed over the course of time and you want a further correction of the breast size and/or breast shape.

Before you change your breast implants, you should consult thoroughly about the process, the potential risks and the newest implants. Only by doing those steps you can be sure, that the breast surgery leads to the desired result. In my clinic of breast surgery in Munich I advise you comprehensively and strictly confidential. Just as with breast augmentation or breast lifting, I perform the exchange of implants not with a scalpel but with a high-frequency electro-coagulation device.

The procedure is similar to a laser system and already arrests the bleeding during the operation. The advantages are less damage to the tissue, as well as a faster recovery after an implant exchange. Don’t forget that old implants can represent a high health risk.

Arrange your free, tentatively consultation appointment in my clinic in Munich today. I’m looking forward to advise you competently and comprehensively.